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Rev. Samuel Webster to the New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Temple, June 21, 1775;

GENTLEMEN: I mentioned to you Mr˙ Isaac Howe, of New-Ipswich, as a person I imagined suitable to be appointed Quartermaster of Colonel Read' s Regiment. I have since seen Mr˙ Howe, and find he is willing to take the place, which I was doubtful of when I found that the wages was only three pounds per month. If you have not appointed one before this reaches you, I hope you will


bear him in mind; he is, I think, a person of very good capacity and property, has been in the Army, and has, as he tells me, the approbation of Colonel Read. He is of fair character, and much used to publick business. I have said enough for me, and I trust you will do right. Pray, gentlemen, don' t forget or neglect to give directions to the Committee of Supplies to get ready, as soon as possible, five hundred or one thousand bayonets. It is barbarous to let men be obliged to oppose bayonets with only gun-barrels, and perhaps no ammunition. If many are provided, they will suit somewhere; an armourer wilt soon fix the sight. Enough may be found to make them, if they are set to work. A man that was in the engagement on Saturday, tells me they suffered egregiously for the want of bayonets, as well as powder and bull. It was a pretty feint in the Regulars to tell of attacking Dorchester, designing another course. I find stories are spread that reflect on the vigilance and even fidelity of those that led; I hope they were not disputing about rank. However this were, we learn that some brave officers and men, as well as some few cowards, have found their rank by death, a universal leveller. I can scarce forbear being very serious and very long; but as you are, or ought to be, I am sensible, very busy, I have done, with only wishing that you may do always right, and that God will reward you, and pity and save our distressed Country. With respect,


To the Committee of Safety.

P˙ S˙ The drought is hardly so severe here as at Exeter, but it is not thought there will be half a crop of hay.