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Arrival of the ship-of-war Reprisal, Captain Wickes, at Philadelphia

Philadelphia, September 14, 1776.

On Friday last arrived here from Martinico, the Continental ship-of-war the Reprisal, Lambert Wickes, Esq˙, commander. On board of said ship came passengers several French officers, who we hear are strongly recommended to the honourable the Congress by the Governour of Martinico. One of them it is said is an accomplished Engineer.

On Thursday evening and Friday morning the Hon˙ Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge, Esqs˙, returned to this city from Staten-Island, where they spent three hours in a conference with Lord Howe, upon the


subject of his propositions to the Congress. We hear that his Lordship possesses no other powers to accommodate the dispute between Great Britain and the United States than those mentioned in the act of the British Parliament, for appointing Commissioners to grant pardons, &c˙

A vessel has arrived in this port with two thousand bushels of salt. The whole of it was immediately bought up by a respectable merchant of this city, who is now selling it out in small quantities, at a very moderate advance, for the benefit of the publick.

On Friday last Major-General Prescott and Brigadier-General McDonald set off from this city for New-York, in order to be exchanged for Major-General Sullivan and Brigadier-General Lord Stirling.

Several letters from France mention the very friendly disposition of the Court and people of that Kingdom towards the United States.