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Address of Merchants and Traders of the Town of Boston



To Governour HUTCHINSON:

SIR: We, Merchants and Traders of the town of Boston, and others, do now wait on you, in the most respectful manner, before your departure for England, to testify, for ourselves, the entire satisfaction we feel at your wise, zealous, and faithful administration, during the few years that you have presided at the head of this Province. Had your success been equal to your endeavours, and to the warmest wishes of your heart, we cannot doubt that many of the evils under which we now suffer, would have been averted, and that tranquillity would have been restored to this long divided Province; but we assure ourselves, that the want of success in those endeavours will not abate your good wishes when removed from us, or your earnest exertions still, on every occasion, to serve the true interest of this your native country.

While we lament the loss of so good a Governour, we are greatly relieved that his Majesty, in his gracious favour, hath appointed as your successor a gentleman, who, having distinguished himself in the long command he hath held in another, department, gives us the most favourable prepossession of his future administration.

We greatly deplore the calamities that are impending, and will soon fall on this metropolis, by the operation of a late Act of Parliament for shutting up the port on the first of next month. You cannot but be sensible, sir, of the numberless evils that will ensue to the Province in general, and the miseries and distresses into which it will particularly involve this town in the course of a few months. Without meaning to arraign the justice of the British Parliament, we could humbly wish that this Act had been couched with less rigour, and that the execution of it had been delayed to a more distant time, that the people might have had the alternative, either to have complied with the conditions therein set forth, or to have submitted to the consequent evils on refusal; but, as it now stands, all choice is precluded, and however disposed to compliance or concession the people may be, they must unavoidably suffer very great calamities before they can receive relief. Making restitution for damage done to the property of the East India Company or to the property of any individual,


by the outrage of the people, we acknowledge to be just; and though we have ever disavowed, and do now solemnly bear our testimony against such lawless proceedings, yet, considering ourselves as members of the same community, we are fully disposed to bear our proportions of those damages whenever the sum and the manner of laying it can be ascertained. We earnestly request that you, sir, who know our condition, and have at all times displayed the most benevolent disposition towards us, will, on your arrival in England, interest yourself in our behalf, and make such favourable representations of our case, as that we may hope to obtain speedy and effectual relief.

May you enjoy a pleasant passage to England, and under all the mortifications you have patiently endured, may you possess the inward and consolatory testimonies of having discharged your trust with fidelity and honour, and receive those distinguishing marks, of his Majesty' s royal approbation and favour, as may enable you to pass the remainder of your life in quietness and ease, and preserve your name with honour to posterity.

Boston, May 28, 1774.

William Blair,
James Selkrig,
Archibald Wilson,
Jeremiah Greene,
Samuel H˙ Sparhawk,
Joseph Turill,
Roberts & Co˙,
John Greenlaw,
Benjamin Clark,
William McAlphine,
Jonathan Snelling,
James Hall,
William Dickson,
John Winslow, Jun˙,
Theophilus Lillie,
Miles Whitworth,
James McEwen,
William Codner,
Daniel Silsby,
William Cazneau,
James Forrest,
Edward Cox,
John Berry,
Richard Hirons,
Ziphion Thayer,
John Joy,
Joseph Goldthwait,
Samuel Prince,
Jonathan Simpson,
James Boutineau,
Nathaniel Hatch,
Martin Gay,
Joseph Scott,
Samuel Minot,
Benjamin M˙ Holmes,
Archibald McNiel,
John Winslow,
Isaac Winslow, Jun˙,
Thomas Oliver,
Henry Lloyd,
Benjamin Davis,
Isaac Winslow,
Lewis Deblois,
Thomas Aylwin,
William Bowes,
Gregory Townsend,
Francis Greene,
Philip Dumaresq,
Harrison Gray,
Peter Johonnot,
George Irving,
Joseph Green,
John Vassall,
Nathaniel Coffin,
James Perkins,
John White,
Robert Jarvis,
William Perry,
J˙ P˙ McMasters,
William Coffin,
Simeon Stoddard, Jun˙,
John Powell,
Henry Laughton,
Eliphalet Pond,
M˙ B˙ Goldthwait,
Peter Hughes,
Samuel Hughes,
John Semple,
Hopestill Capen,
Edward King,
Byfield Lyde,
George Lyde,
A˙ F˙ Phillips,
Rufus Greene,
David Phipps,
Richard Smith,
George Spooner,
George Leonard,
John Borland,
Joshua Loring, Jun˙,
William Jackson,
James Anderson,
David Mitchelson,
Abraham Savage,
James Asby,
John Inman,
John Coffin,
Thomas Knight,
Benjamin Greene, Jr˙,
David Greene,
Benjamin Greene,
Henry H˙ Williams,
James Warden,
Nathaniel Coffin, Jun˙,
Sylvester Gardiner,
John S˙ Copley,
Edward Foster,
Colbourn Barrell,
Nathaniel Greenwood,
William Burton,
John Timmins,
William Taylor,
Thomas Brinley,
Harrison Gray, Jun˙,
John Taylor,
Gilbert Deblois,
Joshua Winslow,
Daniel Hubbard,
Hugh Tarbett,
Henry Lyddel,
Nathaniel Cary,
George Brinley,
Richard Lechmere,
John Erving, Jun˙,
Thomas Gray,
George Bethune,
Thomas Apthorp,
Ezekiel Goldthwait,
Benjamin Gridley,
John Atkinson,
Ebenezer Bridgham,
John Gore,
Adino Paddock.