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Lawrence Hartwick Released


Messrs˙ James Reid, Robert Leonard, Francis Cunningham, John Burns, and Francis Dominick, all of the City of New-York, personally appeared before the Committee, and engaged jointly and severally for Lawrence Hartwick, that the said Lawrence Hartwick will, from time to time, personally appear before the Provincial Congress of this Colony, or this Committee of Safety, when thereunto requested, and in the mean time that the said Lawrence Hartwick will demean himself peaceably, and be of good behaviour towards all the friends of liberty in this city, and not do any act contrary to the measures directed by the Continental Congress, or the Provincial Congress, or the Committee of Safety of this Colony.

Ordered, That the said Lawrence Hartwick be discharged, and it is recommended to all friends of liberty, that the said Lawrence Hartwick be not molested in his person or property, while he complies with the above-mentioned engagements.

The Committee took into consideration the subject of the second matter mentioned to them this morning by the sub-Committee of this city, and after consideration thereof, this Committee do hereby appoint Captain William Mercier to superintend and inspect the lading of all such Vessels, as shall lade in this port; and,

Ordered, That Captain Mercier be empowered, and he is hereby empowered, to inspect all permits to Vessels to lade in this port, and see that all such Vessels lade only agreeable to the resolves of the Continental Congress, and with such matters or produce only as may be agreeable to the said resolves, and their permits from the Provincial Congress, and Committee of Safety of this Colony; and, from time to time, to report to this Committee, or the Provincial Congress of this Colony, what Vessels are lading,


or shall have laded, and with what particular commodities, and by what authority.

And whereas, this Committee of Safety have authorized Colonel McDougall to have Carriages made for Cannon, in order to prevent any impositions on the publick, by any person employed in making the same,

Ordered, That Captain Mercier be appointed, and he is hereby appointed to superintend the making of those Carriages, so as to see that they are made of good timber, and that the iron work be well made, and to see it weighed, and to take every other necessary caution to prevent any imposition on the publick in that business; and,

Ordered and agreed, That Captain Mercier be allowed twenty Dollars per month, as pay, while continued in this, and the service of inspecting the lading of Vessels in this port.

Ordered, That the Secretaries prepare and certify copies of all the Resolves and Letters this day received from the Continental Congress, and forward the same to Major-General Schuyler, to-morrow morning, by post.