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Letter from the Committee of Poughkeepsie to the New-York Congress


"GENTLEMEN: We have received the order of the Continental Congress by Messrs˙ Palmer and Livingston, accompanied with Colonel Smith the Engineer, who has planned the fortifications agreeable to the said order, and much to our satisfaction; and you may be assured that nothing shall be wanting on our part to prosecute the same. But in order to give the troops stationed here (and who are expected to perform the labourers' work) better spirits, we beg leave you would enable us to give them such further allowance of provisions to each labourer as we may see necessary, their present allowance being really too small for labouring men.


"We would also beg leave to represent to you, that, as the works now laid out are extensive and at seven miles distance from each other, four Commissioners (two at Pooplopen' s Kill and two at this post) will be necessary, they acting jointly at all the works. And if your honourable House should be of the same sentiment, that we may have one more added to our present number, we would presume to recommend Mr˙ Gilbert Livingston as a gentleman from whose abilities the publick service would be benefited up here.

"We are, gentlemen, with respect, your humble servants,


"To the Honourable Provincial Congress for New-York."