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Letter from the Committee for Ulster County to the New-York Congress: The people are in a distressed situation for want of powder



In County Committee, New-Paltz, June 14, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: In consequence of an order from the honourable Provincial Congress (the date of which we cannot refer to, it being in the hands of ColonelHardenburgh, our late Chairman) for receiving half a ton of powder from


the commanding officer at FortConstitution for the use of this County; application was accordingly made to ColonelNicoll, who gave for answer that he had no powder to spare; and if he had, he could not deliver any to our order, as he had no order from Congress for that purpose. We are at a loss to judge what can be the reason for this conduct, unless through hurry of business the honourable Congress has forgotten to give the necessary orders. We must now inform your honourable Board that the good people of this County are very uneasy and in a distressed situation for want of that article; yet would be more particularly so should any disturbances break out on our frontier; we therefore request that, instead of half a ton, as before-mentioned, the honourable Congress will be pleased to order them fifteen hundred or two thousand weight, if it can be spared consistent with the publick safety.

We are, gentlemen, your most obedient and very humble servants.

By order of the Committee:

ROBERT BOYD, Jun˙,Chairman.