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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting extraordinary of the Committee, at Mr˙ Grant' s, on Wednesday, December 21, 1774:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, William Buchanan, Richard Moale, John Moale, William Lux, James Calhoun, Hercules Courtenay, Philip Rogers, Gerard Hopkins, John Deaver, John Boyd, William Spear.

Captain William Woolsey, of the Schooner Industry, from Dublin, appeared before the Committee, and declared, on oath, "that there are imported in his vessel fifty-five


indented Servants, three boxes of Irish Linens, the property of Messrs˙ Dominick Jordan, George Woolsey, and J˙ S˙, (owner unknown,) and a trunk containing wearing apparel, directed for Mr˙ John Lynch, and no other goods for sale."

Captain Thomas Pierce, of the Ship Dick, from Liverpool, declared, on oath, the contents of his cargo to be as follows: Five thousand Bricks, nine thousand six hundred and eighty bushels of Salt, and fourteen and seven-twelfths chaldrons of Coal, and nothing else.

Captain Carmichael, of the Ship Sophia, from London, declared, on oath, before the Committee, that there was nothing imported in his ship for sale, except sixty-three Servants.

Mr˙ Spear reports, that the following Masters of Vessels appeared, in consequence of a direction for that purpose at the last meeting, and made oath to their several cargoes, as follows:

Ship Charming-Sally, Felix McGinnis, master, from Philadelphia, his cargo four thousand one hundred and six bushels of Salt, and six barrels of Apples.

Ship Philadelphia, John Winning, master, from Philadelphia, in ballast.

Ship John, Charles Poag, master, from Cork, one small bale of Linen for Messrs˙ Brown & Cornthwait.

Ship Sicily, Martin Malony, master, from Malaga, in ballast.

On motion, Resolved, That it be recommended to the Retailers of British Salt, not to sell the same for more than three Shillings per bushel, cash.

On motion, Resolved, That where British Salt has, or shall be imported into Baltimore Port, since the first day of December, it shall be left in the option of the owner, or owners, of said Salt, either to allow one penny and-a-half per bushel on the quantity contained in the invoice, or two pence per bushel on what may be sold, for the relief of the suffering Poor in Boston; or that the Committee in case the owners refuse both these alternatives, and do not choose to store the Salt, shall sell the same in lots of five hundred bushels; and the profits, after paying first cost and charges, to be applied as above; and, in case the Salt is sold, ten pence per bushel shall be allowed for freight.

The meeting adjourned to three o' clock, this afternoon.

The Committee met according to adjournment, On motion, the question was put, Whether Coal and Brick ought to be considered as merchandise, and subject to be disposed of as directed by the tenth Article of the Continental Association, or not? Determined in the negative.

The question being put, Whether this Committee shall make an offer of such goods as may be imported after the first day of December, to the owners, on their paying a certain commission to the Poor of Boston, or adopt any measure similar thereto, without selling them at publick vendue? Carried in the negative.

The question was then put, Whether one general role be observed in setting up all those goods directed to be sold by this Committee at vendue, or not? Determined in the negative.

Ordered, That the three packages of Linens, imported in Captain Woolsey, from Dublin, and the package of ditto, imported in Captain Poag, from Cork, be delivered into the hands of Mr˙ Chase and Mr˙ Calhoun, to be by them sold at publick auction on Saturday next, and the amount of the sales disposed of as directed by the tenth Article, of the Continental Association.

Resolved, That the owners of all goods directed to be sold by this Committee, do produce their original Invoices, or authentick copies therefrom, to the gentlemen appointed to sell the same.