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Correspondence between Captain Wallace and Town Council of Newport, Rhode-Island


[No˙ 10.] Head-Quarters, Middletown, November 17, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I have received a copy of your letter to Captain Wallace, and his to you, bearing date the 16th inst˙, and also your request of this date, that the said Wallace may have delivered him seventeen barrels of pork, and five barrels of calivance, now in the store of Mr˙ Christopher Champlin.

You have my permission, under the care and direction of Samuel Dyre, Esq˙, to deliver to Captain Wallace the above seventeen barrels of pork, and five barrels of calivance; and also to deliver two hogsheads of rum, and sixteen hundred weight of beef, once a week, and that on Saturday. Moreover, Samuel Dyre, Esq˙, has my permission to supply the ships with sauce, he rendering to me a, weekly account of the quantity delivered.

EZEK HOPKINS, Brigadier-General.

To the Worshipful Town Council of Newport.