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Letter from Governour Trumbull to the Council of Massachusetts: Enclosing an application for the exchange of Mr. Stevens


Killingsworth, September 1, 1776.

These wait on your Honours, by Mr˙ Samuel Redfield, to inform that Messrs˙ Daniel Redfield and Philip Stevens, joint-owners of a small coasting vessel, on their return from New-York, (where they had been in order for the transportation of some of our troops,) early on Monday morning last fell in with, and were taken by, the men of war in the Sound of Branford, who took them on board, and burnt their vessel. After detaining Mr˙ Redfield until Wednesday evening, five o' clock, he was suffered to come on shore, and is arrived home, and says that Mr˙ Stevens is still detained on board, and that he had the promise he should be exchanged for either of the men mentioned in the enclosed paper.

Mr˙ Redfield now waits on you for your direction and influence to procure one of the within-named persons for that purpose.

We need not add on this head, to induce your Honour to effect so benevolent a purpose, but only to say he is descended from one of the first families in this town-that he is a son of one of the deacons of this church, and has an aged father and several small children, whose support depends on his industry.

We are, may it please your Honour, with great esteem, your most obedient and most humble servants,

ELNATHAN STEVENS, Justice of the Peace.

AARON ELIOT, Justice of the Peace.


To the Hon˙ Jonathan Trumbull, Esq˙