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Address of the Quakers of Pennsylvania and New-Jersey



To our Friends and Brethren of the several Meetings in


DEAR FRIENDS: The afflictions and distresses attending the inhabitants of the Massachusetts and other parts of New-England, have often engaged our pity and commiseration, with a desire to be instrumental for their Relief, as favourable opportunities should offer. And having received more particular information, since the yearly meeting held last month at Rhode-Island, than we had before, of the situation of our brethren and others in those parts, since which the desolations of war have greatly increased, we are incited by a spirit of sympathy and Christian tenderness to recommend to your serious and benevolent consideration the sorrowful calamities now prevailing among these people, earnestly desiring that we may encourage each other freely to contribute to the relief of the necessitous of every religious denomination; to promote which we have agreed upon, and herewith send you printed subscription papers, requesting that some suitable active Friends may be appointed in each of your monthly and preparative meetings, to apply for the donations of Friends for this charitable purpose, and that the money subscribed may be collected, and with all convenient speed paid into the hands of John Reynell, of Philadelphia, or SamuelSmith of Burlington, Treasurers of our Yearly Meeting.

The Yearly Meeting at Rhode-Island, before mentioned, have appointed a Committee of twenty-six Friends, from the several quarterly meetings in New-England, who are to meet together at least once a month, in order to assist each other in inspecting and considering the state of those who are distressed, and they appear to us the most suitable persons to receive our contributions for their relief. With this Committee we propose to keep up a correspondence, and to unite our endeavours with theirs, that the benefactions raised may be distributed in the most seasonable and effectual manner, for the benefit of those who are or may


be reduced to necessitous circumstances in this time of publick calamity. We therefore desire that Friends may be liberal, according to their circumstances, and speedy in their contributions; and are your loving friends.

Signed in and on behalf of our meeting for sufferings, held in Philadelphia, for Pennsylvania and New-Jersey, the sixth day of the seventh mouth, 1775.