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Governour Trumbull to Continental Congress



[Read October 25, 1775.]

New-Haven, October 17, 1775.

SIR: Your favour of the 5th instant came safe to hand the 9th, by express. Pursuant to the desire of Congress, gave the necessary orders for our largest vessel (which was the only one we had any way suitable for the purpose) to sail immediately on the proposed cruise; but am sorry to inform you that on attempting further to prepare for the voyage, find the vessel not in a condition to proceed on that service, and wholly out of my power, after the utmost endeavours, to comply with the desire of the Congress, in this respect, with such despatch as may be of any service, which gives me great uneasiness. Governour Cooke acquaints me, also, that their only vessel fit for this duty is absent upon a cruise. I am advised, however, by General Washington, that two vessels from Massachusetts-Bay are ordered on this service.

I am, with great truth and regard, Sir, your most obedient humble servant,


Honourable John Hancock, Esq.