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General Lee to General Heath



Morris-Town, December ye 11th, 1776.

SIR: I would recommend to you, if you are at Ramapouch or Pompton, to take your route either by the Great or Little Falls; if by the Great Falls, you may come by Hachquacknock. If by the Little Falls you may inquire for Newark Mountains, and come a route at a small distance from the river; but had better send an express to Springfield, seven miles west of Elizabeth-Town, where about one thousand Militia are collected to watch the motions of the enemy. Their subsequent motions must be directed according to circumstances.

CHARLES LEE, Major-General.

P˙ S. The gentlemen to whom you are to address yourself for intelligence are Colonel Ford, at or near Springfield, or the Rev˙ James Caldwell, near Chatham.