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Petition of James Cargill


New-Castle, May 3, 1775.

To the Honourable JOHN HANCOCK, Esquire, President, and the Honourable the other Members of Congress for the Province of the MASSACHUSETTS-BAY, in CONCORD assembled, the Petition of JAMES CARGILL humbly showeth:

That your Petitioner was chosen yesterday to take command of the Liberty-men in New-Castle, and on viewing their state finds them almost destitute of ammunition, and chiefly unable to supply themselves, as their greatest dependance was on lumber trade, which is now stopped; and we find there is no town stock to supply them, and those of them that would gladly buy for themselves know not where it is to be had. Therefore prays that you would take our condition into your wise consideration, and if in your wisdom you should judge it best to grant us any supply out of the publick stock, that you would send it to us by the bearer, Lieutenant John Farley; and your Petitioner, as in duty bound, shall ever pray, &c.