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New-York Committee



The Committee met Tuesday, August 8, 1775. Present:

Isaac Low,
Oliver Templeton,
Nicholas Bogart,
Richard Yates,
Cornelius P˙ Low,
William Goforth,
Gerardus Duyckinek,
Abraham Duryee,
John Lasher,
William Walton,
Daniel Dunscomb,
Peter T˙ Curtemus,
Evert Banker,
James Desbrosses,
John Lamb,
Hamilton Young,
Abraham P˙ Lott,
Richard Ray,
John Moore,
Comfort Sands,
Samuel Broome,
Joseph Totten,
John Broome,
Richard Sharpe,
Daniel Phenix,
John Berrian,
George Janeway,
William Bedlow,
Nicholas Roosevelt,
John Woodward,
William Denning,
Lewis Pintard,
Robert Benson,
Eleazer Miller,
Jacob Van Voorhies,
Nicholas Hoffman.


Ordered, That Mr˙ Berrian, Mr˙ C˙ P˙ Low, and Mr˙ Sands be a Committee to inquire of a certain Mrs˙ Brown, in what manner she intends to dispose of a parcel of political Pamphlets, which she has in her possession, and make their report the next meeting.

William Barron, master of the Ship Peggy, being examined on suspicion of his having intentionally fallen in with the Men-of-War at Rhode-Island, by which means he was compelled to proceed to Boston with his vessel, being loaded with Provisions: The Committee are of opinion that he is innocent of any such intention, and that he is at liberty to take in a freight.

Resolved, That an order from the Provincial Congress to this Committee, requesting them to set on foot an inquiry concerning the destroying a Barge which was building for the Asia man-of-war, be laid over to the next meeting.