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Charles City County (Virginia) Committee



At a Meeting of the Freeholders of the County of Charles City, held at the Court House of the said County, on Saturday, December 17,1774, for the purpose of choosing a Committee to see that the Association entered into by the General Congress, for preserving the liberties of America, be duly put in execution within this County:

Resolved, That the said Committee do consist of the following persons, viz: Benjamin Harrison, Wm˙ Acrill, Francis Eppes, William Edloe, the Reverend James Ogilvie, William Green Munford, William Rickman, Thomas Holt, Philip Parr Edmondson, Benjamin Harrison, Jun˙, William Gregory, Samuel Harwood, David Minge, John Edloe, George Minge, John Tyler, Freeman Walker, Francis Dancy, William Christian, James Bray Johnson, Peter Royster, Henry Southall, Benjamin Dancy, James Eppes, John Brown, Stith Hardyman, Wm˙ Edloe, Jun˙, Henry Armistead, William Royall, and Edward Stubblefield; and that they, or the majority of them, do meet from time to time, and act and do what to them shall seem proper for the purposes aforesaid.

Resolved, unanimously, That Benjamin Harrison, Esq˙, be chosen Chairman of the said Committee, and in case of sickness or absence, that the next gentleman upon the foregoing list, who shall be present, shall be Chairman for the time.

Resolved unanimously, That Patrick Murdock be chosen Clerk of the said Committee.

Resolved, That when any gentleman of the Committee shall be informed, or have reason to suspect, that any thing has been done in this County contrary to the Association, he shall forthwith summon three at least of his brethren most convenient to the place, who, together with himself, shall examine into the matter and make immediate report to the Chairman, in order that the same, if it appears to be well founded, may be laid before the Committee.

Extract from the Minutes,