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John Brogden to Captain Goforth


Camp before Quebeck, March 26, 1776.

I have just time to let you know that I and my family arrived at Head-Quarters on Saturday, 23d instant, in good health. I am informed that five hundred Canadians, and a few Regulars from the garrison, have assembled together, twelve leagues below Quebeck, with two twelve-pounders, and are getting more formidable every day; and have intercepted some provisions of ours. We have sent a party of men after them, to take their standard (which they have erected) and bring it to Head-Quarters. For my part I dread the consequence, as our party does not amount to one hundred men. God (and he only) can determine our fate. I think we have sent one gondola and some armed batteaus in order to intercept an armed schooner from Quebeck; and they are cutting more out of the ice — I mean the Regulars.

Excuse haste. I know your prudence will know how to handle this dangerous news.


To Captain Goforth, commanding at Three-Rivers.

P˙ S. Nothing shall escape my notice to you of all that passes; and if you think me worth your notice, let me have your opinion. Thanks be to God, this moment, as I was concluding this letter, news came in that Major Dubois had sent a letter to General Arnold that our men met with the advanced party of the enemy, killed and wounded a


good many, and took thirty prisoners, and routed the rest, and are advancing to the main body. A party of one hundred and fifty men is gone to reinforce our party. We expect further news very soon. If we carry our point, I think Quebeck will soon be our own.

J˙ B.