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Colonel Rufus Putnam to General Washington



Peekskill, November 19th, 1776.

SIR: Since your Excellency left this place I have been to Anthony' s Nose, and I believe there is no danger of the enemy' s attempting to possess it, nor will it be necessary we should occupy it. I have also been a tour up Peekskill Hollow, about eleven miles northeastward, then through the Highlands into the Fishkill country and down to the North River, then returned by the post road, which I found to be good; but the pass I went up in for ten miles no carriage can possibly get through; and a few men in a short time will make it impassable for a horse. About four miles further east is another pass through the mountains, but I am informed by good authority it is much worse than the last-mentioned one. I am told there is another pass about twenty miles from the Peekskill landing, leading from Bedford through the Highlands, which is said to be a good road. I mean to see it as soon as possible. I am fully convinced your Excellency will find it necessary to keep a post at Croton' s bridge, which if you design, some care should be taken of building barrack and store there. I mean to get a general knowledge of the country as far east as Horse-Neck, and northward through the Highlands, a draft of which, as soon as possible, I shall forward, not waiting for an actual survey, as that will take up much time.

I am your Excellency' s most obedient, humble servant,


To his Excellency General Washington.