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William Livingston to Lord Stirling



Philadelphia, December 19, 1775.

MY LORD: I enclose you Dr˙ Barnet' s commission, as Surgeon of the First Jersey Battalion. The pay is twenty-five dollars per month; and I am satisfied the Congress mean to allow for the chest of medicine; but I intend to reduce it to a certainty, as there is an opening to-day on such a subject.

Mr˙ Halsted is unanimously voted Quartermaster of your battalion, by the Committee for receiving the recommendations to offices, and reported this day; but he must first be confirmed by Congress, which I will push as soon as possible, and then transmit you his commission.

I cannot imagine that Congress would give any directions respecting the arms you mention, though I really believe if they be got without much disturbance, it would be concurred in by that Assembly, from the principle of necessity; and last night I took the opinion of the above Committee, who were unanimous in that sentiment. But I would not choose to be mentioned in the case, nor to have it done under colour of that Committee, unless you should be complained of to Congress for the trespass; and then, as far as this letter would be your instructor, I give you free liberty to make use of it for that purpose.

I am, my lord, your most humble servant,