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Letter from Governour Trumbull to the Committee of Inspection of New Haven: Mentioning charges that have been made against Ralph Isaacs



Lebanon, September 12, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: I am informed that Mr˙ Ralph Isaacs of New-Haven, has done and said many things tending to


depreciate and obstruct the currency of the Continental bills of credit, and hath likewise encouraged and assisted deserters to make their escape from our army. How these matters are I do not pretend to judge, but think them very worthy your attention. Mr˙ Dupeau and the French Captain in company with him, can give you information. The same French Captain complains of great injustice from said Isaacs. As he is a merchant stranger, who is come to trade with us upon the faith of the resolves of Congress, I think his case falls within your cognizance as executors of these resolves; and as it is of the greatest importance that speedy justice should be done to such strangers, to encourage them to come and trade with us, I am of opinion you ought immediately to call said Isaacs before you, and take speedy and effectual care that equal and impartial justice be done this stranger.

To the Committee of Inspection, of New-Haven.