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Charge against Captain Hare


In Council of Safety, November 7, 1776.

Present: David Rittenhouse, V˙ P˙, John Bayard, Francis Gurney, Joseph Blewer, Owen Biddle, Fred˙ Kuhl, Timothy Matlack.

John M˙ Nesbitt was directed to pay Robert Eastburn £27 6s˙, for attending the delivery of Salt, measuring, &c˙, also for collecting Rags some time since.

Mr˙ Nesbitt to pay to Jeremiah Baker for Wood and Straw delivered at the Barracks, £180 14s˙; to be charged to Congress.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt, in favour of Lewis Guyon, for £100; to be charged to his Account.

Mr˙ Nesbitt to pay James Ennis £6 5s˙, for riding express to Northampton and Bucks Counties, to request the Commanding Officers of the Militia to hold themselves in readiness to march to this City at an hour' s warning.

An Order was drawn on Mr˙ Nesbitt, in favour of Colonel Francis Gurney, for 1,000 Dollars; to be charged to Colonel Richard Humpton.

Colonel Matlack reports, that Captain Hare, an officer in Continental pay, did, in his presence yesterday, in the open Coffee-House, in the most publick manner and with circumstances attending his manner that appeared to be intended to draw the attention of the people present, purchase three silver Dollars at a very considerable advance above their accustomed value, which advanced value he paid in Continental Bills of Credit.

The Council taking the same into consideration, and it appearing that the like practice is becoming frequent in this City, and that it may have a dangerous tendency to lessen if not to destroy the credit of the Continental currency,

Resolved, That Mr˙ Rittenhouse, Mr˙ Biddle, and Colonel Matlack, be a Committee to lay this matter before the Board of Treasury, take their sentiments hereupon, and report to this Board.

Resolved, That the Salt purchased by this Council for the use of the inhabitants of this State, shall be proportioned to the several Counties as near as may be according to the number of inhabitants in each, and that the quantity allotted to each County be delivered to such persons as shall apply for it by order of the several Committees, on their paying the prime cost of fifteen shillings per bushel, to be distributed by said Committees amongst the people, at the same price, expense of carriage only added.

The Board, taking into consideration the state of the Salt Works in New Jersey:

Ordered, That Mr˙ Rittenhouse and Colonel Matlack visit the Salt Works, carefully examine into the state of them, and report to this Board.