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In Congress, January 8, 1776.

Resolved, That General Schuyler be desired to have the River St˙ Lawrence, above and below Quebeck, well explored, and to determine upon proper places for opposing, by Armed Boats, or otherwise, any attempts of the enemy to penetrate that country by the River; and that he give orders for constructing, speedily, as many such Boats as he shall judge necessary.

That two Shipwrights be immediately sent from Philadelphia, to be employed under the direction of the Committee of Inspection at Albany, in constructing Scows for facilitating the passage over Hudson' s River.

That the Convention of New-York be desired to send three thousand bushels of Salt, besides what General Schuyler hath already ordered to be brought to Ticonderoga.

That this Congress does approve of the raising a Battalion of Canadians, and of the appointment of James Livingston, Esq˙, Colonel thereof.

"That nine Battalions, including that of Canadians under Colonel Livingston, be kept up and maintained the present year for the defence of Canada."