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Albany Committee to New-York Congress



Albany Committee Chamber, August 17, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: Yesterday came down here from Ticonderoga, under a guard consisting of a sergeant and thirteen men, Alexander White, Esquire, Sheriff of Tryon County, John Connor, Peter Boon, and Lewis Clement, who had been taken prisoners by a party of General Schuyler' s men at one Gilliland' s, on Lake Champlain, accompanied by three Indians, who were also taken and brought before the General at Ticondcroga. On their arrival the Indians were by us forwarded in a wagon to Schenectady, on their way home, after receiving a present, in conformity to the General' s letter, a copy of which we enclose you. We send down under guard, White and Conner; the other two, viz˙ Clement and Boon, we have thought most prudent to detain here until we hear from you on the subject, as we were apprehensive that sending them down might create some jealousy and discontent among the Indians, (among whom they have some influence,) whose friendship we most ardently wish to cultivate.

That you may be able to judge of the matter with the more precision, we enclose a state of the case which occasioned Mr˙ White' s flying from Tryon County, and a copy of the examination taken by General Schuyler of the party who took White' s party, as also copies of two letters from Sir John Johnson to Mr˙ White.

We are, Gentlemen, your very humble servants. By order of the Committee: