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Form of Oath to be taken by the General Officers


The Resolve and form of an Oath to be taken by the General Officers, were read, amended, and accepted, and are as follow, viz:

Resolved, That the General Officers of the Massachusetts Army, now raising for the defence and security of the rights and liberties, of this, and our sister Colonies in America, shall, each and every of them, repeat and take and


subscribe the following Oath, to be administered by ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙, viz:

"I, A˙B˙, do solemnly swear, that, as a General Officer in the Massachusetts Army, I will well and faithfully execute the office of a General, to which I have been appointed, according to my best abilities, in defence and for the security of the estates, lives, and liberties, of the good people of this, and the sister Colonies in America, in opposition to Ministerial tyranny, by which they are, or may be oppressed, and to all other enemies and opposers whatsoever. That I will adhere to the Rules and Regulations of said Army, established by the Congress of the Massachusetts-Bay, observe and obey the Resolutions and Orders which are, or shall be passed by said Congress, or any future Congress, or House of Representatives, or legislative body of said Colony, and such Committees as shall be by them anthorized for that purpose; and that I will disclose and make known to the authority aforesaid, all traitorous conspiracies, attempts, and designs whatsoever, which I shall know to be made, or have reason to suspect are making, against the Army, or any of the English American Colonies."