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Roll of the Troop of Horse of King' s County


A Roll of the Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Privates, of the Troop of Horse of KING' S County, which were upon duty in order to drive off the stock. Commenced AUGUST 14, 1776.

Upon duty and came over from LONG ISLAND.

Daniel Rappelye, 1st Lieutenant.
Jacob Bloom, 2d do.
Peter Vandervoot, Ensign.
Hendrick Johnson, Sergeant.
John Blanco, Trumpeter.
Reyner Suydam, Private.
John Vanderveer, do.

Upon duty, but remained upon LONG ISLAND.

Lambert Suydam, Captain.
Peter Wyckoff, Quartermaster.
Hendrick Suydam, Clerk.
John Nostrant, do.
Jacob Suydam, Private.
Isaac Snediker, do.
Isaac Boerum, do.
John Rierson, do.
Rutgers Van Brunt, do.
Charles De Bevort, do.
Benjamin Seaman, do.
Roelof Turhume, do.
Andrew Casper, do.
Thomas Betts, do.
Martin Kershaw, do.
Peter Miller, do.
Hendrick Wyckoff, do.