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Letter from General Arnold to General Sullivan: Is at St. John' s, where nothing is done to fortify the camp; this requires immediate attention; will be at Chambly in the morning



St˙ Johns, June 16, 1776.

DEAR SIR: I have this minute received a letter from GeneralSchuyler, advising me that the batteaus which I wrote for might be sent over the Lake and detained, for the purpose of bringing a number of the Militia who are ordered into this country. I suppose he has written you fully on the matter. We have about nine hundred barrels of pork and eighty barrels of flour here. The sloop and schooner are arrived at the IsleMotte, with a considerable quantity. The schooner is loaded with dry-goods, shot, shells, &c. I believe it will be best to send her away directly. Nothing is done yet to fortify our camp. I think it requires immediate attention. I intended going toChambly in the morning, but expect to have the pleasure of seeing you here, where I think we are secure at present.

I am with great respect, dear sir, your most humble servant,


To GeneralSullivan,Chambly.

P˙ S. I have borrowed several sums of hard money. I should be glad of four or five hundred pounds, if you can spare it. Will it not be best to give our paper money a currency, by declaring those enemies who refuse it? Unless


some such method is taken, the poor soldiers receive no benefit from their pay, and starve in the midst of plenty, with their pockets full of money.

Yours, &c˙,

To GeneralSullivan,Sorel.