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Dover (Kent County, Delaware) Committee



In Committee, October 16, 1775.

The Committee of Inspection and Observation, in and for Kent County, having met according to appointment, Daniel Varnum appeared before this Committee, according to special notice, to answer for his, said Varnum' s, using certain expressions deemed inimical to the welfare and true interest of America.

Whereupon it appearing by evidence, offered to this Committee, as well as by said Varnum' s own confession, that he, the said Daniel Varnum, in speaking of our present troubles, declared, "he had as lief be under a tyrannical King as a tyrannical Commonweath, especially if the d———d Presbyterians had the rule of it."

Resolved, therefore, That the said Daniel Varnum be censured for his said unfriendly expression, and be ordered to make publick acknowledgments for his said offence.

By order of the Committee, the following concessions were drawn up, approved of, and signed by the said Daniel Varnum:

"Being conscious that such language, by me used, (as above set forth,) is the language of the worst of enemies to America, and that it hath a direct tendency to injure the common cause, in which all should be engaged, take this publick method of declaring my sorrow for my imprudence and folly, and that in future I will pay a strict regard to the resolves of the Continental Congress, and rules and directions of the Committees of said County, carefully avoiding every thing that has the least tendency to violate or contravene the same.


A true copy of the proceedings: By order of the Committee to be published.


Clerk of the Committee of Inspection.