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Soldiers that Will Re-Enlist for the Succeeding Year


Friday, December 1, 1775.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Letter from General Washington, and, after debate, came to the following Resolutions:

Resolved, That the five hundred thousand Dollars, lately ordered, be forwarded, with all possible expedition, to General Washington, that he may be enabled to pay such Soldiers as will re-enlist for the succeeding year their wages for the months of October, November, and December, and also to advance them one month' s pay.

Resolved, That the Governments of New-England be informed of the Resolutions of Congress relative to the pay ordered to be made and advanced to the Army, and be desired to promote the recruiting service in the present Army, as well as in their several Colonies.

A Letter from the Committee of Frederick County, Maryland, being received, was read, containing an account of the seizure of Major Connolly and others, and desiring the advice of Congress with regard to the Prisoners.

On motion, Resolved, That the said Letter, with the papers enclosed, be referred to the Delegates of Virginia, who are desired to take the same into consideration, and report to Congress.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow.