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Major Schenck requested to apprehend a certain Riley, suspected of being a deserter from the Army of the United American States


In Committee of Safety for the State of NEW-YORK, September 12, 1776.

Ordered, That Major Schenck be authorized and requested to cause to be apprehended and brought before this Committee, a certain Rieley, suspected of being a Deserter from the Army of the United American States; and that Major Schenck use his discretion as to the mode of apprehending him, with power to demand the assistance of any officer of the Militia, or other person or persons, in the execution hereof.

Extract from the Minutes:


Agreeable to the enclosed order, I this morning went to the place where the suspected person within named was supposed to be at work. I was informed that the person so suspected has been at the house of Mr˙ Isaac Schultz, and he told Mr˙ Schultz that he intended to make the best of his way to Pennsylvania, and accordingly went off.


September 13, 1776.