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Address of the Officers to Colonel Henry


The Address of the Officers to Colonel Henry, and the Colonel' s reply, has led some of our enemies to hope there would be a great discontent in the Army, by which our military operations would be retarded, and that there would be a considerable murmuring against the Congress; but they are much mistaken. It is true, the officers and soldiers were very unhappy at parting with so amiable a commander as Colonel Henry, and might be a little imprudent in some expressions on the occasion; but there is not a man of them who is not so warmly attached to the glorious cause he is engaged in, as to serve with alacrity under any commander, rather than it should suffer; and Colonel Henry, himself, is a gentleman of so much honour, and so true a patriot, that he never will countenance a murmur against the Congress; nay, so far from it, that it is highly probable he will soon be found in that august assembly, urging, with his powerful eloquence, the necessity of prosecuting the war with redoubled vigour.

I am a sincere friend to the Congress and Colonel Henry.