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Letter from the New-York Congress to the Provincial Congress


In Provincial Congress, New-York, May 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We have received your letter of the 26th instant, informing us that your body is formed. We agree with you in opinion that nothing can tend more to ensure success to the steps that may be taken by the several Colonies, at this critical juncture, than a uniform plan of conduct; and we are equally convinced, that to this end we ought to look up to the Continental Congress for advice and direction. We are ready to establish a correspondence with you and our other sister Colonies, and a free communication of such measures as may, from time to time, be judged most conducive to the common cause. Every intelligence to this end we shall most readily communicate. At the same time permit us to observe, that either the directions of the Continental Congress or the nature of a particular measure may render its secrecy absolutely necessary.

We are, gentlemen, your humble servants.

To the Provincial Congress of New-Jersey, at Trenton.