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Votes of Towns of New-Hampshire on electing Representatives




The Government and People of said State to the Selectmen of HANOVER, in said State, greeting:

You are hereby required to notify the legal inhabitants paying taxes in the towns of Hanover, Canaan, and Cardigan, (giving them fifteen days notice,) to meet at some convenient place in your town, to elect one person, having a real estate of the value of two hundred pounds lawful money in this State, to represent them in the Assembly, to be held at Exeter, on the third Wednesday in December next, at three o' clock in the afternoon, and to empower such Representative, for the term of one year from their first meeting, to transact such business and pursue such measures as they may judge necessary for the publick good. And the person who shall be elected you are to notify that he attend at time and place above-mentioned.

And at said meeting, each voter, as aforesaid, on one paper, is to bring in votes for one person, being a reputable freeholder and inhabitant within your County, having a real


estate of two hundred pounds, to serve as members of the Council for the year ensuing.

And the Clerk of your town is hereby directed to seal up all such votes under cover, and send them to the house of Mr˙ Green, in Wentworth, in your County, by the second Wednesday in December next, directed to Francis Worcester, Charles Johnson, and Abel Chandler, a Committee appointed to receive them.

And it is Resolved, That no person be allowed a seat in Council or Assembly, who shall, by himself or any person for him, before said choice, treat with liquor, Sc˙, any elector, with an apparent view of gaining their votes, or afterwards on that account.

And make return of this writ, with your doings thereon, into the Secretary' s Office at Exeter, by the third Wednesday in December next.

M˙ WEARE, President.
P˙ WHITE, Speaker.

By order of the Council and Assembly:

E˙ THOMPSON, Secretary.

Exeter, September 30th, 1776.