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Military Stores on Board the Vessels


Return of Military Stores on board the Vessels under the command of Brigadier-General Prescott, bound to Quebeck, November 19, 1775.

The Isabella, St˙ Bouchat, eight chests of small arms; the St˙ Antoine, Pellerin, a large quantity of intrenching tools, the exact number not ascertained; the Reine des Anges, Dussault, three casks of nails, six casks of paint, and about two hundred pair of shoes; the Maria, Lisot, two casks of rum; different vessels, eight batteaus belonging to the Crown.

Besides the above articles, there is a quantity of musket ball and ordnance stores, of which the storekeeper will give the particulars. THOMAS GAMBLE,

Assistant Quartermaster-General.