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Colonel Stark to the New-Hampshire Congress



Medford, May 18, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: About the twenty-ninth of April last, a Committee sent from Provincial Congress of the Province of New-Hampshire to the Provincial Congress of the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, having discretionary instructions from said Congress, advised to raise a Regiment from the Province of New-Hampshire as soon as possible, under the Constitution and establishment of the Massachusetts-Bay, but to be deemed as part of the quota of men of the Province of New-Hampshire, and that New-Hampshire Congress would establish said measures. In consequence of which, a number of officers of the Province of New-Hampshire convened, and made choice of their field-officers for said Regiment, who have raised the same, fifty-four of whom are now present at Medford, exclusive of drummers and fifers, and the remainder are hourly expected; and as great number of those already here (who expected, when, they enlisted, to draw arms from the Provincial stocks) are destitute of the same, and cannot be furnished,


(as no arms are to be procured here at present,) must inevitably return from whence they came, unless they are supplied from some quarter speedily. I humbly pray that you would maturely consider our defenceless situation, and adopt some measure or measures whereby they may be equipped. In confidence of your immediate compliance with the above request, I am, in the Country' s common cause, your most obedient and devoted humble servant,

N˙B. The gentleman who presents this to the Convention, can give you particular, information as to our present situation.