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Committee of Safety


Ordered, That Captain James Stewart, with such part of his Company as is already inlisted, join Colonel Malcom' s Regiment, as a part thereof, until further order; and that Colonel Malcom be requested to exert his usual care and diligence in having that Company, properly provided and trained in the military art.

The Petition of several inhabitants of Queen' s County, respecting the release of Doctor David Brooks, was read.

Therefore, Resolved, That the said Petition be referred to his Excellency General Washington, in consequence of whose orders the said David Brooks was apprehended.

Ordered, That Major Lawrence and Mr˙ Js˙ Townsend wait upon his Excellency with the said Petition.


Ordered, That Reuben Weed be First Lieutenant of Captain Dennis' s Company.

Ordered, That the said Account of John Dunlap be delivered to the Auditor-General, to audit the same to this 17th day of August only, and that the said John Dunlap be, and he is hereby, discharged from the service of the said Committee and of this Convention.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Wm˙ Smith, Mr˙ Harper, and Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Adgate, Mr˙ Sacket, Mr˙ Stephens, and Mr˙ Contine, or any five of them, be a Committee of Safety for this State from the adjournment of this Convention on this day until their next meeting; that every member who shall attend have a vote or voice, and that the said Committee be, and are hereby, empowered to take such measures and exercise such powers during that time as shall appear to them necessary for the safety of the State.

The Report of John McDonald, of the progress he had made in opening the Lead Mine at Nine-Partners, in Dutchess County, and the accounts and papers accompanying the same, were read.

Ordered, That the above Committee of Safety take into consideration the accounts and other papers delivered in by Mr˙ John McDonald, and that they report on Monday morning.

Mr˙ Hobart and Mr˙ Duer, a Committee to consider the case of Lieutenant Bleecker, and others in like circumstances.

Mr˙ Harper to be furnished with £25, on account of Tryon County, on his receipt, on behalf of Tryon County, the County to be accountable for the same.

Resolved, That Peter Van B˙ Livingston, Esquire, as Treasurer of this Convention, advance to Wm˙ Harper, a member of this Convention, for the County of Tryon, the sum of £25; and that the said sum be charged to the said Wm˙ Harper and the said County, to be repaid to the said Treasurer by the said Wm˙ Harper, or the said County, when either shall be thereunto required.


Ordered, That the papers belonging to Isaac Ketcham, now in the hands of the Secretary of this Convention be delivered to the said Isaac Ketcham; and that Captain Jeremiah Wool be, and he is hereby, directed to obtain and transmit to this Convention, with all convenient speed, the whole expense which has occurred, by apprehending, securing, and keeping, and maintaining, Israel Youngs, Isaac Youngs, Philip Youngs, Isaac Ketcham, and Henry Dawkins, and the summoning witnesses against them, rendering the said accounts as particular as possible. That Captain Wool therewith transmit an account of the moneys by him taken or received from the said Isaac Ketcham, and what disposition has been made thereof, together with any part of such money as remain in his hands.