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Resolve for Removing the Concern


Major Hawley brought in a Resolve for removing the concern and uneasiness of some people in the Colony on account of the establishment of wages to be paid to the Officers in the American Army.

Read, and Ordered, That Mr˙ Gardner, Deacon Rawson, and Deacon Nichols, be a Cominittee to inquire into the truth of the facts therein stated.

Whereas, it is of great importance that the Regiment to be raised by this Colony to serve the United Colonies in Canada, should be inlisted and marched with the utmost despatch, and the appointment of the Staff Officers by this Court, and making commissions to Captains and Subalterns for said Regiment may occasion delay:

Resolved, That the Field-Officers of the Regiment, together with Major Pyncheon, Major Ely, Colonel Field, Mr˙ Dickenson, Major Bliss, Colonel Howe, Doctor Whiting, Captain Goodrich, and Major Smith, or the major part of them be, and they hereby are appointed a Committee to appoint a Quartermaster, an Adjutant, a Chaplain, Surgeon, and Surgeon' s Mate for said Regiment; and the honourable Board are hereby empowered to deliver to said Committee five blank warrants for the said Staff Officers, also, a sufficient number of blank commissions for the Captains and Subalterns aforesaid, signed. And the said Committee are directed to fill up the said blank commissions with the names of such commissioned officers as the Companies shall, respectively, choose.

Moses Gill, Esq˙, brought down the Resolve reported this afternoon by Mr˙ Story, with the following Vote of Council, viz:

In Council, January 21, 1776: Read, and concurred with the amendment, viz: Dele from A to B˙

Read, and concurred.

The House then adjourned till ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.