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Post-Master and Post-Rider appointed by the Committee of Providence


Providence, Rhode-Island, June 3, 1775.

The Committee of this Town have appointed a person to act as Postmaster here, as also a Post-Rider under the direction and control of said Committee, until the Legislature of this Colony, or the Continental Congress, shall be pleased to make other regulations and appointments.

A number of the inhabitants of Plymouth went a few days ago to Nantucket, in whale-boats, and took from thence eight hundred barrels of flour, the property of a merchant at Dartmouth, and which is supposed was intended to be smuggled into Boston, for supplying the Ministerial Army.

Last week the company of the train of Artillery lately raised here, all well accoutred, with four excellent fieldpieces, marched to join the American Army near Boston; they made a very military appearance, and are, without exception, as complete a body of men as any in the King' s Dominions. The other companies raised here, and in the adjacent Towns, as also several from the south Counties, all able-bodied men, and well armed, have marched to the American camp. Several companies of the Connecticut forces have also passed through this Town, to join their brethren.

Twelve pieces of battering cannon, eighteen and twenty-four pounders, with a quantity of ordnance stores, were sent from hence to the American camp a few days since.