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Report of the Committee appointed to confer with the Delegates in Congress from Virginia, on the settlement of a temporary boundary between Virginia and this State


The Committee who were appointed to confer with the honourable Delegates in Congress from the State of Virginia, on the settlement of a temporary Boundary between the State of Virginia and this State, reported to the Convention that they met the said Delegates, who delivered to them the following resolve of the Convention of Virginia and the following letter from the Committee of Safety of that State to their Delegates , as their proposal on this subject. In answer to which the Committee delivered the letter and proposal (which answer and proposal the Committee approve of) in reply; to which they received the letter here in after last mentioned , by which it appears that the power of the honourable Delegates on this subject is at an end; but, as they therein inform the Committee, that they will, without delay, transmit their proposal to the Governour and Council of Virginia, in order to be laid before the General Assembly of that State; this Convention having the utmost confidence that that honourable body will readily agree to any proposal that will settle the disputes in question on the principles of justice and equity, do therefore warmly recommend the settlement of the said line, on these principles, to the future Assembly of this State. And, in the mean time, it is earnestly recommended to the inhabitants of that part of the country to forget their former heats and animosities, which were fomented by those who were equal enemies to both States, and to promote peace and harmony, and to cultivate a good understanding with one another, as they tender the liberty and happiness of both States, as well as of America in general, which can only be preserved by the union of all her sons.