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Resignation of Captain Andrew Long


To His Excellency GEORGE WASHINGTON, Esquire, Commander-in-Chief of the Troops raised and employed in the service of the FREE, UNITED, AND INDEPENDENT STATES or America.

May it please your Excellency:

The honourable House of Assembly of Pennsylvania having, by their commission under their seal bearing date the 6th of April this present year, 1776, been pleased to appoint me a Captain in the First Battalion of the Regiment of Riflemen raised for the protection of that State, and now called out and acting in the Continental service under the immediate command of the Right Honourable Brigadier-General Lord Stirling, I have till now continued to do the duty of my station in the regiment aforesaid; but from the present bad state of my constitution, occasioned by the fatigues and hardships underwent in the present campaign, finding myself unable any longer to sustain the burthen which necessarily attends the command of a company, it is my request that your Excellency will be pleased to accept of my resignation of the commission I bear as aforesaid, (and which I now enclose,) and permit me to pass home to my place of residence.

I am, with the greatest regard, sir, your obedient and very humble servant,


Captain Third Co˙ First B˙ P˙ Rifle Regiment.

October 14, 1776.

I do certify that Captain Andrew Long has served this campaign with the First Battalion of the Pennsylvania Riflemen, and that he is now reduced by sickness to an infirm state of health, and that he is unfit for the service.


First Battalion Pa˙ Regiment of Riflemen.

To His Excellency General Washington.