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Seamen and Marines


Tuesday, December 5, 1775.

On motion made, Resolved, That the Seamen and Marines be engaged to the first day of January, 1777, unless sooner discharged by Congress.

It being suggested that the Resolution of Congress relating to Captain Jenkins was grounded on a mistake with regard to facts,

Resolved, That a Committee of three be appointed, to take the matter into consideration, and make report thereon to Congress.

The members chosen: Mr˙ J˙ Adams, Mr˙ Cushing, and Mr˙ McKcan.

The Committee of Claims applying for Instructions on the Accounts laid before them from the Colony of Rhode-Island,

On motion made, and question put, Resolved, That the charge for the purchase of Arms be not allowed.

That the charge for repairing Arms be not allowed.

That the expense of removing the Stock from Block-Island, and other places, agreeable to the request of the General, be at the Continental expense.

Resolved, That the twelve Cannon furnished to the Army, in the Camp at Cambridge, by the Government of Rhode-Island, be allowed in the foregoing Account.

On motion, Resolved, That the further consideration of this matter be deferred till to-morrow.

Resolved, That those who supply the three Companies ordered to Northampton with Arms, shall either have the same returned in kind, as soon as they can be procured, or their value paid for by the United, Colonies, the value of which, is to be deducted from the pay of the Soldiers.

A Letter from Lord Stirling, dated 3d December, with some enclosures, was received and read.

On motion, Resolved, That the Committee for fitting out Armed Vessels have liberty, on consulting with the Committee Inspection of this City, to purchase Duck and such other articles as they may want for fitting out said Vessels.