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Letter from Albany Committee to Committee of the District of Kinderhook



Albany Committee Chamber, December 7, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We are extremely unhappy to find that the misunderstanding that has but too long subsisted in the District of Kinderhook is not yet compromised. A new cause of discontent has arose, in consequence of the late election held in the District for Delegates and Committees to represent the District. By what we can learn of the affair, we are apt to conclude that the gentlemen of the Committee who held the election had not seen the latter resolve of the Provincial Congress, by which persons who had a possession to the value of eighty pounds, were entitled to vote, in consequence of which none but freeholders were permitted to vote, agreeably to the first resolution, which seems to be the cause why two different polls were held, and eight members chosen instead of four. As a means to reconcile these differences, and for the sake of peace, so much wished for at this time, the Commiltee propose to you to take the eight members who have been, returned on both polls; or otherwise propose to you to endeavour to agree amongst yourselves to take two persons from each poll, who, together, may represent your District; or, in short, to endeavour to agree on any other mode which may reconcile a dispute so detrimental to the interests of the County at this critical time. To defeat the intentions of those who are fond of promoting discord, the Committee


earnestly recommend to the District of Kinderhook that they will fall on such measures as will promote amongst them peace and harmony.

We are, gentlemen, your very humble servants.

By order of the Committee:

AB' M YATES, JR˙, Chairman.

The Committee of the District of Kinderhook.