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Petition of Hannah Goldthwait, of Boston


The humble Petition of HANNAH GOLDTHWAIT, of BOSTON.

Your petitioner humbly sheweth: That whereas your petitioner obtained leave of a Committee from your Honours and the honourable the Colony Council, to go to the Town of Stafford for the benefit of using the waters for the recovery of her health: and whereas it is the opinion of your petitioner' s physician, that your petitioner' s health will not permit her to take so distant a journey, she therefore earnestly begs of your Honours to give leave for her to use the waters at Newton, until she shall be better enabled to proceed to Rehoboth; and your petitioner, as in duty bound, will ever pray.


This may certify whom it may concern, that it is the opinion of the subscriber, that the abovementioned Hannah Goldthwait, is too much indisposed by a paralytick disorder to undertake so distant a journey as the Town of Stafford.


WATERTOWN, August 22, 1775.