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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


The Committee met, Monday, December 18, 1775:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, Robert Alexander, William Buchanan, Thomas Harrison, Benjamin Nicholson, Darby Lux, Isaac Grist, John Smith, Thomas Gist, Benjamin Griffith, John Cradock, William Wilkinson, William Asquith, John E˙ Howard, Thomas Sellers.

Captain William McNeil, of the Sloop Ranger, from Turk' s Island, and addressed to Abraham Vanbibber, reported his cargo, subscribed, and took the Oath in such cases required, with an exception of fifteen hogsheads Molasses, which were imported from Grenada, and are ordered to be stored under the inspection of Mr˙ Isaac Grist, who is to keep the key, and in case Captain McNeil departs the Province, he engages to export the Molasses, or in some other measure dispose of it agreeable to the Committee. Captain Jacob Small, of the Sloop Rosannah, from Barbadoes, and addressed to Mr˙ Thomas McCobb, reported his cargo, subscribed, and swore; and Mr˙ McCobb is desired to attend this Committee at their first meeting after his arrival in Town. Captains John Rogers and Adam Muir, both of Accomack County, in Virginia, having applied for permits, they were ordered not to leave this port till further orders;


and Captain Nathaniel Smith is ordered to take away their sails, and keep them stored till further orders from the Committee.

Mr˙ Richard Taylor came, and reported his cargo,, which he imported in Captain Isaac Vanbibber, and offered to take the Oath, which was accepted as satisfactory.

The Committee having taken into consideration the defenceless stale of Baltimore, and the dangers to which it is, in its present state, exposed, came to a resolution, that until some other measure be taken for the defence of the Town, by the Convention or Council of Safety, the Guns which are in Town be cleaned and put in order for service, and that proper Carriages for mounting the same be immediately procured to be made.

Ordered, That Messrs˙ William Buchanan, Jesse Hollingsworth, Isaac Grist, and Benjamin Griffith, give directions for cleaning the said Guns, and making suitable Carriages for them.

Ordered, That a Pilot-Boat be immediately stationed at Whetstone-Point; that the said Boat be armed with two swivel Guns and six Muskets, and manned with six men; that the Officer commanding the Boat bring to all vessels, and that he do not permit any vessel to sail out without a permit in writing, signed by three Members of this Committee, which number will attend every morning from ten to twelve o' clock, (Sundays excepted,) where all masters of vessels must repair immediately after their arrival, and report their cargo, &c˙, and they must bring certificates from some Committee, Council of Safety, or Provincial Convention.