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General Meeting of the Inhabitants of Georgia


Charlestown, South Carolina, August 1, 1774.

A General Meeting of the inhabitants of the Colony of Georgia, was held at the Exchange in Savannah, on Wednesday last, July 27th. Upwards of an hundred from one Parish, came resolved on an agreement, not to import or use British manufactures, till America shall be restored to her constitutional rights. There is to be another


meeting in Savannah, on the 10th instant, of a Convention of Committees chosen by the different Parishes, when it is believed proper resolutions will be entered into, and perhaps Deputies may also be appointed to represent that Colony at the intended Congress.

Letters from the West India Islands show that they are much alarmed with apprehensions that the British Colonies on this Continent will discontinue to supply them with provisions; and that they will rather withhold their exports to Great Britain, than perish with hunger or eat each other.



* A number of respectable Freeholders and Inhabitants met at the Watch-house, in Savannah, on the 27th of July. JOHN GLENN, Esq˙, was chosen Chairman.

Sundry Letters and Resolutions received from the Committees of Correspondence at Boston, Philadelphia, Annapolis, Williamsport, North Carolina, and Charlestown, were presented and read. A motion was made, that a Committee be appointed to draw up Resolutions to be entered into by the inhabitants of this Province, nearly similar to those of the Northern Provinces. A debate arose thereon, and the motion was carried by a large majority. It was resolved that the following gentlemen should constitute that Committee, viz: John Glenn, John Smith, Joseph Clay, John Houstoun, Noble Wimberly Jones, Lyman Hall, William Young, Edward Telfair, Samuel Farley, George Walton, Joseph Habersham, Jonathan Bryan, Jonathan Cockran, George McIntosh, Sutton Bankes, William Gibbons, Benjamin Andrew, John Winn, John Stirk, Archibald Bullock, James Screven, David Zubly, Henry Davis Bourquin, Elisha Butler, William Baker, Parmenus Way, John Baker, John Mann, John Benefield, John Stacey,and John Morel. Several gentlemen objected to Resolutions being immediately entered into, as the inhabitants of the distant Parishes might not have had sufficient notice of their objects. It was therefore resolved, that the meeting be adjourned until the 10th of August; and that the Chairman should, in the mean time, write to the different Parishes and Districts upon the subject, that it was expected they would send Deputies to join the Committees at that time; and that the number of Deputies be proportioned to the Representatives usually sent to the General Assembly. It was also resolved, that the Resolutions agreed upon and entered into at the next meeting, by a majority of the said Committee then met, should be deemed the sense of the inhabitants of this Province. — M' Call.