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Letter from an eminent gentleman in London to his friend in America


Extract of a letter from an eminent gentleman in LONDON to his friend in AMERICA, dated FEBRUARY 7. — "Lord Howe is appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Fleet. The commander at land is not yet determined. Lord Cornwallis is now ready to sail from Cork with three thousand men for Virginia to meet General Clinton. The plan is to march through that Colony and attack Philadelphia by land, if impracticable by sea. They reckon, upon paper, to have an army of thirty thousand, mostly Germans, in America, by June. Burgoyne is to retake Canada with ten thousand men; if the passage over the Blue-Ridge is fortified, that way will be impracticable. If offers of settlement, &c˙, are prepared, to fling into the camp, in German, when the Germans arrive, it must have a great effect. They trust to the slaves, but more to the Scotch, among you. The Generals talked of are Amherst, Count La Lippe, or Harvey; the last is most probable A General of the first abilities has offered to go over, if I could assure him of being received by the Congress. If the Ministerial efforts do not succeed this campaign, it is over with them."