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Letter from Richard Smith


The Committee met according to adjournment.

John Hart, Esq˙, one of the Committee, attending, took his seat accordingly.

Mr˙ President laid before the Committee a Letter from Richard Smith, Esq˙, one of the Delegates of this Province, at the Continental Congress, in the words following:

"Philadelphia, January 4, 1776.

"DEAR SIR: I am desired by the Congress to transmit to you the enclosed extracts from their proceedings , the whole of which, relative to that subject, I have sent to Lord Stirling, by this post, together with six dozen copies of the Articles of War. The one thousand dollars mentioned


in the extract, I have received from the Continental Treasury, and they wait your commands.

"The Congress wish to know in what manner the prisoners of war at Trenton live, who supplies them, and upon what terms. The reason of the inquiry is, that very extravagant claims are made on this head from other quarters, and we aim to render the publick burdens as light as possible. You will, as soon as it is convenient, afford me the necessary information.

"I am, your affectionate, faithful servant,

"To Samuel Tucker, Esq."