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Letter from General Gates to Colonel Hartley



Tyonderoga, July 23, 1776.

SIR: Your letter to me of the 21st instant, with that to General Arnold of the same date, are now before me. Mr˙ Brown was brought here by your party. I am much obliged to you for your address in securing him. The Indian goods are received, and sent forward to General Schuyler. The raft, with the party under Captain Peramus, of Colonel Burrell' s regiment, arrived last night. If the


procuring the boards and timber is attended with all the labour and difficulty you mention, I think Colonel Wait had better desist, and return to his regiment; but he should first destroy the remainder of the raft, and such ship timber as may be useful to the enemy.

When the command down the Lake returns, you will be strengthened by their reinforcement. Mr˙ Hops is intended to be employed in the capacity you mention, where I wish his behaviour to be such as to merit further promotion. The service in the vessels will be the post of honour. Those who distinguish themselves therein may depend upon my protection. I will direct Lieutenant-Colonel Baldwin to send down the carpenters of your regiment as soon as possible, to be employed at the saw mill in the manner you recommend. I will consider whether it be proper and convenient to send smiths to Crown Point. If that is determined, such as can be spared from hence shall be sent there.

This will be delivered to you by Major Bigelow, of the Artillery, who goes by the positive command of General Washington, and the honourable the Convention of the United States of America, with a letter to General Burgoyne. You may send your orders to Onion River by him, and he should be directed to send back all the parties now upon the scout down the Lake. The commanding officers of those parties should have some private signals, that they may not attack or interrupt each other' s discoveries. They ought all to be called in, and desist from further progress, while the flag of truce is going up and down the Lake. As some more batteaus will go to Crown Point tomorrow morning, I shall consider what I have further to say to you, and write by that opportunity.

The oars for the gondolas should be forwarded with all expedition. I am, sir, &c˙,
HORATIO GATES, Major General.

To Lieutenant-Colonel Hartley.