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Delegates of the Colony in Continental Congress requested to make an arrangement among themselves


Resolved, That the present Delegates of this Colony in Continental Congress, be requested to make such an arrangement among themselves, as that five of them only continue at Congress, and represent this Colony at any one time; and that in case of the necessary absence of any one or two of the Delegates so attending, according to such arrangement, that three or four of them be a quorum, and enabled to represent the Colony during such absence.

Resolved, That the Militia of Orangetown and Precinct of Orange, be formed into, and constitute one Regiment; and that the Militia of Haverstraw Precinct be formed into, and constitute another Regiment, any thing in the


former Resolutions of the Provincial Congress of this Colony to the contrary notwithstanding.

Resolved, (with the consent of the Members of Ulster County now present,) That Ulster County Jail, or such part thereof as may be necessary, be used and taken as the Jail of this Congress, and for the confinement of any such prisoners as may be ordered to be confined by this Congress or their Committee of Safety; that such prisoners as shall be there confined, shall be confined at their own expense, respectively; but if they are unable to pay the expense, then that they be confined at the publick expense of this Colony.

And Ordered, farther, That John Blacker be sent to Ulster County Jail, and there confined until the further order of this Congress, or their Committee of Safety.