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Meeting of the Inhabitants of the City of Philadelphia


Philadelphia, November 7, 1774.

A respectable number of the Inhabitants of the City of Philadelphia, pursuant to notice given in the Pennsylvania Packet, met at the State House, to consider of such


matters as it was necessary to determine upon previous to the election of a Committee on Saturday next. After some debate it was unanimously voted that the election be by ballot; whereupon a plan for that purpose was read, amended, and unanimously approved.

The company met, then took into their consideration whether the Committee should be chosen for the City and County jointly, or whether the City and Suburbs should choose a separate Committee; and after some debate,

Voted unanimously, That the City and Suburbs shall choose a Committee to act for themselves distinct from the County.

Voted unanimously, That this Committee do consist of sixty persons.

Voted unanimously, That the Committee of sixty, proposed to be elected on Saturday next, for the City and Suburbs, shall be and continue in office until the close of the sessions of the General Congress, intended to be held next spring, and until two weeks afterwards and no longer.

Voted unanimously, That the following gentlemen be appointed and requested to take care that the election for Inspectors is held in the several Wards respectively, and in the Suburbs, agreeable to the plan of Election, to wit:

UPPER DELAWARE WARD, Jacob Bright, Philip Moore.
LOWER DELAWARE WARD, John Knowles, John Duffield.
MULBERRY WARD, Isaac Melchior, Jacob Wincy.
NORTH WARD, Isaac Howell, Richard Humphreys.
CHESTNUT WARD, William Bradford, Joseph Dean.
MIDDLE WARD, John Howard, Samuel Simpson.
WALNUT WARD, Adam Hubley, John Taylor.
SOUTH WARD, George Claypool, Sharp Dulancy.
HUGH STREET, W˙ Hollingshead, John Bayard.
DOCK WARD, Captain Donnell, William Jackson.
NORTHERN LIBERTIES, Joseph Thatcher, W˙ Masters.
SOUTHWARK, Arthur Donaldson, Thomas Penrose.


An Inspector shall be chosen in each Ward in the City, one for the District of Southwark, and one for that part of the Northern Liberties which lies Eastward of Fourth Street continued, and Southward of the Creek whereon Masters' s Mill is erected, including also that part of Kensington to the Eastward of the Street leading from Frankford Road to the Bridge over Gunner' s Run, and to the Southward of that Run. For this purpose the Freeholders and others, qualified to vote for Members of the General Assembly, in each Ward, shall meet on Thursday next, at the place where the Ward election for Inspectors was held at the last election, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon. — That part of the Northern Liberties before described, at the Northern Liberty Beerhouse, Southwark, to meet at the sign of the Blue Bell (Mr˙ Patton' s.)

The Inspectors so chosen shall meet at the State House on Saturday morning next, at nine o' clock, and choose three reputable Freeholders, to preside as Judges at the election, and they shall, before they proceed in the said election, solemnly declare upon their honour, that they will superintend this election during the continuance of it, and conduct it as near as may be, according to the Act of Assembly for regulating of Elections, &c˙, passed 15˙ G˙ II. And if any person shall offer a vote, who is not known to some one of them to have a right to vote, they will require of him, instead of an oath, a solemn declaration, upon honour, of his right to vote for Members of the General Assembly, and inform him at the same time, that if it shall hereafter appear, that he has declared falsely, he shall be publickly advertised in the Newspapers, as having abused and insulted his distressed country.

The Judges and Clerks who shall assist at the proposed election, shall also make a solemn declaration, upon honour, that they will faithfully perform their duty according to the best of their judgment.

The Inspectors shall then proceed to receive the votes of the Freeholders qualified to vote for Members of the General Assembly, within the limits aforesaid; and having received all such votes as shall be offered, shall, about eight o' clock in the evening, give the usual notice, that the election will be closed in half an hour, and shall close it accordingly. They shall then carefully proceed to count off the tickets, in order justly to determine who are


duly elected to be of the said Committee, and having determined it, shall make out three complete lists of the Committee so chosen, and deliver one to Mr˙ John Dunlap, one to Messrs˙ William and Thomas Bradford, and one to Messrs˙ Hall and Sellers, to be published in their Newspapers, with a request to the Committee so chosen to meet at the State House on Thursday, 17th instant, at three o' clock in the afternoon, and proceed on the duty for which they are appointed.