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Letter from General Washington to General Montgomery



Cambridge, January 12, 1776.

DEAR SIR: Every account from your quarter serves to confirm our hopes that you will get possession of Quebeck, if not already in your hands. I must beg, therefore, your attention to the wants of the Army here, which are not few, and, if they cannot in some part be supplied by you, I do not know where else I can apply.

After powder, the principal deficiency is that of arms; those brought in by the soldiers are so very indifferent that I cannot place confidence in them.

Blankets and clothing we are very deficient in. Of these, and other necessaries, I am taught to believe there is abundance in Canada. Quebeck is, I suppose, the great magazine for them, and all kind of military stores. I hope it will be in your power to forward to this place from thence a sufficient quantity to relieve our wants. Whatever you can spare, we shall have occasion for, and your sending them, as expeditiously as possible, will be doing vast service to this Army, and very much oblige sir, yours,


To Major-General Richard Montgomery, Canada.

P˙ S. Arms we are exceedingly in want of. These I would wish to receive without delay, if you can supply them from the King' s stores in Quebeck.