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People assembling at Fredericksburg, Virginia, to march to Williamsburgh


Williamsburgh, Virginia, April 28, 1775.

Yesterday, at about one o' clock, Mann Page, Junior, Esquire, one of the Representatives for Spottsylvania, arrived here in twenty-four hours from Fredericksburgh, being charged by a number of people from different; Counties, now assembling there, to inquire whether the gunpowder had been replaced in the publick magazine, the removal of which had spread a general alarm, and greatly exasperated all ranks of people. Expresses had been sent into several Counties, and it was expected that upwards of two thousand men would be assembled, in Fredericksburgh by this evening; and the Militia of Caroline were ordered to meet to-morrow at ten o' clock, to be in readiness to join those of the upper Counties. Mr˙ Page returned again in the evening, and carried a letter from the Honourable the Speaker, to endeavour to pacify the people; and as that gentleman sets out to-morrow by land to attend the General Congress, we hear he proposes meeting them: and it is hoped, from his great influence, that he will be able to prevail on them to return home and rest satisfied with the Governour' s promise that the powder shall be given up when there is occasion for it. The independent Companies of Caroline and Spottsylvania, we hear, have determined to escort the Delegates from this Colony to Hooe' s Ferry, on Potomack.